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. Here is our 2o best coffee quotes that prove how it is not just a caffeinated drink, but the essence of life distilled into a cup! Coffee lovers will agree that opening your eyes to a perfectly brewed cup of a good morning coffee and its magnificent smell gives the most inspiring kick for the whole day.

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Drinking a cup of coffee with your eyes closed isn't a sophisticated task for a person, but it's hard for. It helps you loosen up and feel more relaxed whether you're with your friends or enjoying some time alone. Every day we present the best quotes!

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When you have once seen the glow of happiness on the face of a beloved person, you know that a man can have no vocation but to awaken that light on the faces surrounding him. As a coffee addict, this gilmore girls quote pretty much sums me up! Coffee quotes to wake you up every morning. That's why we're here with coffee quotes that are not meant to talk you out of your, erm, habit, but to celebrate it.